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What Is a Colorado Installment Contract

A Colorado installment contract is an alternative to traditional mortgage financing. Under an installment contract, the buyer gets possession of the property and makes installment payments of the purchase price over an extended period of time to the seller, who conveys legal title to property once the purchase price is fully paid. While the installment […]

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Filing Requirements for a Land Contract in Colorado

A contract for deed is the sale of a property for all intents and purposes, but the title (deed) remains in the seller’s name until the balance of the contract is paid off.  The buyer has possession of the property and pays the seller principal and interest, plus pays for taxes and insurance on the […]

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Colorado Land Contract Addendum for CREC Contract

Colorado Land Contract Addendum for CREC Contract… The Colorado Real Estate Commission approved contract does provide for seller financing, but assumes the seller owns the property free and clear with no mortgage.  It does not provide for a “wrap” or “wraparound” sale by contract for deed or installment land contract.  The real estate commission in […]

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Why Some Colorado Lawyers Don’t Like Installment Land Contracts

Some law firms, namely Frascona in Boulder, do not recommend installment land contracts.  The main reason is that there is uncertainty in Colorado as to seller’s path to getting the property back when the buyer defaults.  Unlike other states, like Illinois and Texas, there is no statutory process for foreclosure or eviction (called an “ejectment” […]

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Handling Payments on a Wrap in Colorado

This article discuss handling payments on a wrap sale in Colorado. A common question that often comes up is how payments are handled on a wraparound or “wrap” installment land contract in Colorado. Theoretically, the buyer pays the seller, and the seller pays his underlying lender.  However, what if the seller decides not to pay […]

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Due on Sale Clause on a Wrap in Colorado

The “due-on-sale” clause is probably the most talked about, feared and misunderstood topic in real estate. This article will dispel any misunderstandings you may have about the due-on-sale and suggest a simple, yet effective strategy to get around it What is the Due-on-Sale Clause? Before we discuss how to get around the due-on-sale, we must […]

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Wraparound Sale in Colorado

This post discusses the wraparound sale in Colorado. A wraparound or “wrap” is a sale of property whereby the underlying loan is not paid off, but rather paid on a continuing basis by the seller.  The buyer makes payments to the seller on a note or contract (land contract aka “contract for deed).  A wrap […]

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Contract for Deed vs Lease Option in Colorado

This article discusses the Contract for Deed vs Lease Option as used in colorado. Many investors are generally familiar with the concepts lease option and contract for deed (aka “installment land contract”). Many investors confuse the two, and this article will help you understand the tax, legal, and practical issues between a lease option vs contract […]

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Colorado Land Contract vs Contract for Deed

This article outlines the Colorado Land Contract vs Contract for Deed. In Colorado, a land contract, installment land contract and contract for deed are the same thing under different names.  It is a sale of property by which the buyer pays the seller principal, interest, taxes and insurance, and the seller continues making payments on his […]

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